How we help


The Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross is committed to serving the people of Antigua and Barbuda through our programmes and services. Click on a programme to find out more.


The Club Lyfe Project is a social club committed to saving lives by regularly donating blood. Through Club Lyfe, donors are encouraged to attend blood centers, learn about healthy lifestyles, and give blood regularly. Members can make new friends around the world, promote life-saving and life changing practices and most of all – have fun while saving lives.

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.



As a part of our continued mission to  help fulfil the unmet health needs of the most vulnerable in our communities, the Red Cross applied for and was approved a grant focusing on Vector control more specifically relating to the ZIKA epidemic through funding sourced via IFRC and USAID. The overall objective is to improve the health response at the national, community and individual levels and create the environment for proactive health-seeking behaviors by having an improved understanding about preventative measures, the symptoms and to clarify misconceptions about the spread of Zika via public awareness campaigns. The campaigns include visits with schools, Clinics and Pharmacies, Door-Door visits to spread information about vector-control measures.


The Health and Wellness department focus on HIV/AIDS related activities is to target what is considered the vulnerable members of society. Those with limited to no access to the necessary resources to inform and educate themselves.  We already have a youth focused program called TWC – Together we can.

Our first major program was a partnership between the ABRC and the Antigua and Barbuda Planned parenthood association working with members of the Spanish speaking communities, offering HIV testing alongside subsidized Pap Smears tests. Clients were provided with Fact sheets; safer sex commodities and engaged in a number of other activities as a way to sensitizing them on the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. There will are a number upcoming events surrounding this topic that we are currently fine tuning.



Non Communicable Diseases in the Caribbean – has become an epidemic – NCD’s such as Diabetes; Hyper/ Hypo- tension; Cardiovascular diseases; Kidney Disease etc.

The purpose and anticipated end result of this proposal is to bring much needed information to the prevalence of NCD’s and it’s effect on our communities in the hopes of changing our habits where it comes to being healthier. Hypertension is a common medical condition that increases the risk of many other medical conditions, including heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease, vascular disease, and stroke. Many patients with hypertension do not realize they have it, and many are not aware of its importance. Controlling blood pressure is crucial to reducing patients’risk of organ damage and death.

Intervention activities:- Awareness Campaigns; Focus Groups; Workshops and sessions at clinics etc in three target communities.